Monday, November 23

padang yang berdendeng sedap

it has been quite a couple of weeks. turmoil everywhere. inside. outside. sideways even. but hey, it's almost over. another couple of weeks and i'll be done. and he can't kacau my 1-week break cause i'll be going to Bangkok. i think. :D

for a measly 15% we're struggling like slaves. i'm not caring anymore. now, i'm gonna focus on the finals. i'm gonna lose myself in my notes and books and powerpoint slides. yeah right. but at least that 60% is under my control and not up to those lazy people.

oh btw, i'm liking ted more now. can bays and thomas make him find his wife really soon. although he's cute and all he's getting a bit pathetic.

"forgive me if i'm young
for speaking out of turn
there's someone i've been missing
i think that they could be
the better half of me"

Sunday, November 1

sempena itik getah kecil

'twas a good day after all.
had eja with a side of pizza.(he is so bloody cute la wei).
had chu mei came all the way (great surprise).
got a little rubber ducky (with saliva and all).
had an amazing dinner (that made me gain 600gms).

thanks a lot you guys.

the king bed, fluffy pillows and the luxurious comforter was awesome.
also the high-end rain-shower.
being lost in the middle of the night was so worth it.

thanks you.

everything made up for the disappointments.
shows me who's who and what's what.
definitely a 20th to remember.

"i want to be strong
i want the world to know
there's a part i cant tell
about the dark i know well"

worn out and weary

our matlamat in life is to mengabdikan diri kepada Allah.
yet, these silly little things are bringing me down.

i was ready to accept things.
ready to overlook it all.
but your mannerless and discourteous ways boils my blood.
your empty promises, forgotten agreements.
you make me feel like i am nothing.
at this very moment i hate you.

that's all i want to vent out today. thank you.

"let me feel one more time
what it feels like to be alive
and break these calluses off of me
one more time"