Tuesday, March 30


feelings are pretty much delusions.
that is until they're acknowledged and communicated.
one can regard its existence in a prose, in a joke or even in a stupid blog.

feelings are fleeting.
one morning you can just wake up and the feelings can be gone.
you rub your eyes as you think to yourself maybe those feelings were just a dream.

it is almost a month. why haven't i been able to kick it yet?
it is almost a month. why haven't i been able to act on it?

"and i wonder if i ever cross your mind
for me it happens all the time
it's a quarter after one,
i'm all alone and i need you now"

Monday, March 22

we are all detarrevo


when push comes to shove
i'd be shunned out of the pack
the sun and the clouds are all that's left
to see me through these jungle treks
to the winding streams i will go
the mountain peaks i'd conquer
i'll pull through this bad weather
for i'm a determined lone ranger

Friday, March 19

underneath it

if that is your choice
i'll be sad
but i won't be crushed
there wont be laughter
but there wont be tears shed either
i'll accept, i'll move on

others have no idea
they don't know
and you probably wont either

May God bless your future endeavors

"i'm a little more careful, perhaps it shows
but if i lose the highs, at least i'm spared the lows
i think i better leave right now
before i fall any deeper"

Friday, March 12

could it be worse?

"good night"

being a Gallus domesticus sucks.

"when you feel so tired but you cant sleep
stuck in reverse
but if you never try you'll never know
just what you're worth"

Thursday, March 11

the fear inside

delusions result from convoluted biochemistry reactions.
so do feelings.

but while delusions can be treated pharmacologically,
feelings can't. unfortunately.

i need opinions.
i need advice.
i need guidance.

i'm two steps away
from loneliness
i'm awake, i'm alive
and i'm feeling incomplete

Monday, March 8

you should know

i feel sad when you're sick.
i really do.

so tonight
i'm gonna find a way to make it
without you