Saturday, August 28

not in a good mood

is it too much to ask that my home be a home.
somewhere i can let my hair down.
a sanctuary from strangers.
but nooooo..
that's just one too many thing to expect.

i couldve said so many things.
but i chose to keep silent.
i decided to be the better person.
i'm so tired of this.

man, i just cant wait to get out of here.
terendak is looking quite pleasing at the moment!

Monday, August 9


size does not determine significance
tiny things count as much as big ones
like the laughter of children
the ice-cold drink on a hot sunny day
in life, the little things matter too.

it's a sad day when i am ignorant of the blessings of God Almighty.

have a good midnight people.

"what i've got is full stock of thoughts
and dream that scatter
you pull them all together"