Friday, February 20

after midnight

there are so many things i want to say to you.
so many things we have to talk about.
but many others that i'd rather not.
it's been so long, i know it's my fault.
when it's been awhile, it gets hard.
the routine and normal things, they get lost.
they say it's like riding a bike.
once you take the handle and grip it with might.
everything else will come back to light.
but the first steps are always the hardest.
the first leap is fraud with awkwardness.
people go years without crossing a river.
fearing they'll drown or simply be eaten.
it's too unwisely to put their lives in danger.
for something that has not even been proven.
maybe they're right for living their lives safely.
for wanting the things that are familiar.
but sometimes the best things come unexpectedly.
cloaked in a mask of unknown and fear.
just because i never say it out loud.
or because i try to get lost in the crowd.
doesnt mean i've already forgot.
there are times that i try to catch your eye.
there are things that foolishly reminds.
but somehow the smile that was happily etched.
had to give way and quickly be shed.
when i look back i know i'll regret
if in my present i dont try to make it right.
if there is a possibility that we'll overcome.
shouldn't everything that trumps?
it's of course easier said than done.
we know that talk is cheap and words are free.
but when it comes down to it, they dont come.
i know i'm supposed to roll the dice.
i know that when i do, you'll move the train.
one of these days, that's what i'll try.
hopefully it wont all be in vain.