Tuesday, December 30


...is important. or so they say.

but i dont feel like sleeping tonight. cause if i do, then the next thing i know is that it's time to go to class.

and 5 days off is terrifyingly inadequate.


"comparisons are easily done
once you've had a taste of perfection
how do i get better when i've had the best
oh how i wish i was looking into your eyes"

Sunday, December 14

sains perwatakan

i'm only 15 minutes in, yet i'm really psych about behavioural sciences (no pun intended). it looks mighty interesting. i mean, come on la, it's 2 oclock and i still have the mood to read those verbose web pages.

hmmm.... maybe it's because i started with freud's psychosexual development theory.

whatever it is, it's nice to see me studying on a saturday/sunday for once.

p/s: fey choo, no calling me pervert-like names ok. it is not nice and you'll set a very bad example for merah.

"but you've got too much to wear
on you sleeves
it has too much to do with me"

Wednesday, December 3

giving thanks

i may not make it obvious to people, but i really appreciate all the support shown. 

just know that the hours of lost sleep, the uneasiness feelings, the thick faces and the heated arguments wont go to waste, iA.

and the sacrifices you all made are and will forever be treasured.

to those who contributed silently, with the click of a mouse or the relaying of words, thank you very much. 

now lets focus on doing things a little bit better this time around, God willing. 

"how about them transparent dangling carrot
how about that ever elusive kudos
how about how good it feels to finally forgive you
how about no longer being masochistic
thank you disillusionment
thank you, thank you silence"