Sunday, September 14

an open letter


"i didnt think things would end up like this
but apparently this is for the best.
you remind me of all the things that i miss
so i'd rather you were somewhere else."


Monday, September 1


faran, on becoming a mother to 3 little alien-like and hairless ewwwws.

God grant you your wish on this post and gave you not only 1 ethan, but 3 at one shot.
(though we may have to change 1/2 ethan to ethanette, who knows)

yes, see how weird they look. 

and this is the ibu susuan yg x reti nak pose for the camera. sheesh.

"ibu, ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
bila ku berduka
engkau hiburkan selalu
ibu, ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku"