Monday, December 14

Abulcasis / Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi - father of modern surgery

all my bags are packed. i'm ready to go.
surgery is starting and i am psyched.
yet at the same time i'm scared to death.
and terendak, i'll be seeing you next week.
i'm not truly keen on that but i take it He knows better.
so iA, this will turn out to be O&G-like.

oh, i'm accepting your offer btw. saya pantang dicabar.
my name is sara and i'm breaking this particular habit tonight.

"You with the sad eyes dont be discourage
show me a smile and dont be unhappy
i see your true colours shining through
true colours are beautiful like the rainbow"

Sunday, December 13

what do one-year-olds want for their birthday?

good day.
even greater night.
hopefully things wont come tumbling down anytime soon.

didnt finish paper heart. i find the girl to be mildly annoying and the hybrid documentary to be a tad slow. will probably have another go at it when i find my mood.

the proposal was good. betty white was spectacular as gammy. and sandra b was hilarious. however i cant for the life of me remember what ryan reynolds was like as berg in 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place. those were the pre-alanis, pre-scarlett, pre-sixpack times.

oh also, please, please go watch the mid-season finale (ignore the oxymoron) of glee. the setlist for sectionals was exceptional. and while you're at it, go beg, borrow or steal this:

it has been rapidly gaining playcounts on moi itunes. here's a snippet:

"i gotta fly once, i gotta try once
only can die once, right sir?
get ready for me love cause i'm a comer
i simply gotta march my hearts a drummer
nobody, no, nobody is gonna rain on my parade"

Saturday, December 12

mr wade

cause i am hanging

on every word you say and
even if you dont wanna speak tonight
thats alright, alright with me
cause i want nothing more than
to sit outside Heaven's door and
listen to you breathing
that's where i want to be

jason wade will still sound sooo good and delicious singing the bangun pagi gosok gigi song.

p/s: cross love happens from your movie-to-watch list. not good enough.
next up: paperheart

Friday, December 11

not unworthy

the post count is slowly dwindling. i'm a terrible, if not somewhat lacking in attention, blogger.

it was a good and productive holiday on the family front. although some tantrums were had, and many long faces were encountered, we still had loads of fun. and it was good to see us laughing as a family (sans the brother, who is at this moment siamesetwin-ing himself with his girlfriend).

other than that life is going good. done with the one posting i truly didnt one to go through. embarking on one that i am super excited and super scared at the same time. terrified enough to make me browse through the s&s of surgical diseases book. during the holidays.

past week or so, been meeting interesting people that i will definitely be seeing again. things are moving along and we're just going to go with the flow. no pressure, no plans, no expectations. not yet.


"Like anyone would be
i am flattered by your fascination with me
like any hot-blooded woman
i have simply wanted an object to crave"

p/s- if you're looking for a tear-jerker of a movie, go watch my sister's keeper.