Friday, July 31

Dear Mr Traveller

I'm sure that in your 35++ years on this earth someone has told you, or maybe you yourself have noticed, that you snore. and you do it in a rather loud manner. so please mr traveller, learn to not sit next to me. that is if we ever get our paths crossed again.

or maybe you should just avoid sleeping out in public. i dont want you to get charged for disturbing the peace*. i'm only looking out for you, mr traveller. that's all.

*Disturbing the peace is a crime generally defined as the unsettling of proper order in a public space through one's actions. This can include creating loud noise by fighting or challenging to fight, disturbing others by loud and unreasonable noise (including loud music or dog barking), or using offensive words or insults likely to incite violence.
via Wikipedia (of course)

"we can keep chilling like ice cream filling
we can cool in the gang if you'd rather hang
ain't no thing, i can be lugubrious with you
i got no ifs ands ors no withs or whats about it"

Thursday, July 30

that's what i am

having bookmarked all of the casts' twitters,
having the songs in my itunes (with lyrics, no less),
having witnessed tosh do the 'dont stop' dance sequence,
having watched the pilot projected in the audi during e crucial pre-pro exam period,

i am, undeniably, a..

(gleek {glik} - a glee geek)

"cellophane, mr cellophane
should have been my name
cause you can see right through me
and walk right by me
and never even knoooooooooooooooooooooow"

Sunday, July 19

new lease

the scruffy white 'book is up and running again. finally, one must exclaim in relief, after a full 3-week hiatus. no thanks to the missing power adapter.

now i'm left with no excuses to delay the cleaning up of the 'book's hd. sigh... the thought of sweeping everything under the rug (or in this case into one file), is ever so tempting.

but alas, it's pathetically slow run is too sad to dismiss. hmmm... maybe a software update is adequate enough.

"someone to understand
each little dream in me
someone who would take my hand
and samba through life with me"

Friday, July 17


Hi, my name is sara and i'm an FBaholic.
it has been 40 hrs since my last log-in.

"why dont you sit right down and stay awhile?
we like the same things and i like your style.
i think you're just so pleasant.
i would like you for my own."

Monday, July 13

but then again

facebook has a good sense of humor with its verification phrases.
i was laughing at this one for a while.
until it hit me that this is going to be my future.
that's when i decided that facebook is a dark and twisty place.

x nak kwn fb 2 minit.

"so you find him attractive
so what if he is
you'd like some excitement
the plane goes down
will not land, pilot's dead"

Saturday, July 11


my cousin commented that i look like cyclops. no, not the one eyed one. the one from xmen. aka scott summers.

while scott had oakley to make his stylish sunnies, i got a pair of clunky goggles from 3m. oh, well.

"you dont wanna hurt me
but see how deep the bullet lies
unaware that im tearing you asunder
there's a thunder in our hearts baby"

Thursday, July 9

i am a reformed procrastinator... not

an early morning phone call isn't the best way to start the day. especially if that call comes along with a task as it's side order.

the horse reminded me how my vision will be rather impaired in a couple days. so i'm trying (key word: TRYing) to get the job done asap (or rather stat - practicing my doctor lingo).

doing assigned task so early is so not like me. i feel rather weird. maybe i should just turn off the mac tonight and enjoy slumberland (and blame it all on the drowsy panadol cold&flu).

"i never know if to laugh or to scream
to hate or to believe
your tongue is fire when you speak
but you make me sing"

Tuesday, July 7

he says, she says - #8

"It is not what we carry with us but what we let go that defines who we are."

Det Charlie Crews, my source of Zen,
portrayed by Damien Lewis, a redhead and a British.

"There's one thing i want to say, so i'll be brave
you were what i wanted i gave what i gave
i'm not sorry i met you
i'm not sorry it's over
i'm not sorry there's nothing to say"

Monday, July 6


life is like a sine graph. like wheels. like a roller coaster ride. like wind waves.

and we're the forced passengers. compelled to ride it out. obligated to hang in there.

these past couple of months have proved this metaphor right. it has been a carnival ride of emotions. from being indifferent to scared to hopeful to crushed to happy to frustrated to unsatisfied to glad to euphoric to indolent to committed to tired to relieved.

but now i think i've hit the plateau. and for once i am not gonna whine. i'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this motionless, stillness, static, stationary, frozen phase. with a handful of chick flicks of course.

"there's only us
there's only this
forget regret or
life is yours to miss"