Monday, October 26

puckerman can sing way better than hudson


i've come to realize that
i've been holding on for the wrong reasons.
it's about time i say goodbye.
the prospect of going beyond the horizon is exciting.
daunting too, sure.
but hey no pain, no gain right?

42 days to go

p/s: why must BBN be so bloody hot?

"where it begin, i cant begin to know when
but then i know it's growing strong
who'd believe you'd come along
sweet caroline good times never seem so good
i've been inclined to believe it never would"

Saturday, October 10

so not happening


i wanna be the hero of a movie
wanna be part of a tragic love story
i wanna have a big rockin' feast
want public health to not exist

56 days to go

"without you
the earth turns, the sun burns
the moon glows, the river flows
the mind churns, the heart yearns
life goes on"

Thursday, October 8

so long and thanks for all the fish


two months gone. just like that.
it's only at the end that we are reminded of the beginning.
funny how different things were back then.

thank you to everyone who has made my two-month stay in wards 2a, 2b and L&D a pleasant and fruitful one. for the tunjuk ajar. the teguran. the smiles. the stares. the "who-are-you-guys". the keketatan. the opportunities. the gossips.

i will definitely miss this posting.
more so when i'm knee-deep in public health.

"i know we've had some good times
now they have their own hiding place
i'll be there for you
these 5 words i swear it's true"

Monday, October 5




geli la wey.
kawen je la terus.

it's 0130 and i'm watching lie to me.
i should be studying.
or at the very least sleeping.
all eja's mak ude's fault.
yes, i like to blame others.

"i was roaming around, i was looking down and all i see
you know that i could use somebody
off in the night while you live it up i'm off to sleep
i hope it's gonna make you notice
someone like me"

Saturday, October 3

this is what we've been waiting patiently for....not

o&g is ending.
public health is starting soon.

"the stars are all here
Tina Fey! what a year!
sarah palin did you no wrong
thank God 'boob tube'
rhymes with tony shalhoub
or he wouldnt be in this song"